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Zakat, Income Tax & VAT

Zakat, Income Tax & VAT

Zakat and Tax regulations in Saudi Arabia are constantly evolving and the facets of these systems are subject to many possible explanations by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, Tax-Subject Employers, and these circumstances make the preparation of data and information on Zakat and Tax an important duty of management and our office has the resources, skills and expertise to provide full assistance in its preparation.

Zakat and Tax Services that benefit our clients include:

  • Reviewing the Accounting Methods of Zakat and Tax and Financial Items that affect the calculation of Zakat and Tax.
  • Make recommendations regarding Tax Return Documents and Document the procedures.
  • Calculating the amount of Zakat and Tax.
  • Prepare and submit a temporary and final Tax Return.
  • Representing customers in front of Zakat, Income and Other Government Agencies and Assistance in getting judgments and decisions.
  • Review the language of Contracts to identify expressions that may lead to Negative and Unintended Tax Consequences.
  • Prepare Objections and Participate in negotiations to settle any dispute.
  • Follow-up Tax returns for previous years for the purpose of resolving outstanding matters and obtaining On final Tax or Zakat Certificates.
Zakat, Income Tax & VAT