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Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Internal audit is considered as an internal activity necessary for most entities of various sizes as it helps both management and board members in line with the broad outlines international bodies such as Sarbanes—Oxly (SOX) and the IIA with other directives such as the Capital Market Authority regulations. Currently, the internal auditors plays vital responsibilities and their role is to provide independent assurance over internal control framework.

Our approach to the implementation of internal audit is based on analyzing and discovering control gaps and assessing these risks against the inherent and residual risk exposure, starting with the planning stage, passing through the fieldwork stage and ending with recommendations then performing follow-up implementation.
Our office provides several forms of services included within the internal audit services as following:

  • Design a detailed plan for internal review.
  • Executing the internal audit plan as approved by governing body in the organization.
  • To lend professionals a high degree of competence and experience to play the role of auditor within the company and implement the internal audit plan according to a specified period of time.
  • Establishing IA department or assistance in establishing the department's policies and procedures, conducting the audit, designing reports.
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal audit department that is already in the facility.
  • Providing secondment and required IA resources needed to the organization.
Internal Audit Services